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Year Form    
2018 1040-CM Filing 1040CM Download
2018 1040NMI Filing 1040NMI Download
2018 1040NR-CM CNMI Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return Download
2018 1040-S1CM Form 1040 Schedule 1CM Download
2018 1040-SETC Form 1040 Schedule ETC Download
2018 1040-SWSD Filing 1040 Schedule WSD Download
2018 1065-CM Allocation for Partnership Download
2018 1120CM Corporate Income Tax Return Download
2018 1120F CNMI Income Tax Return of a Foreign Corporation Download
2018 1120S Corporate Income Tax S CORP Download
2018 i1040-CM Instructions for 1040CM, NMI-A & OS-3405A Download
2019 1823 Form 1823 WH Real Estate Download
2019 500-BD Bank Deposit Voucher Download
2019 500-ES Payment Deposit Estimated Download
2019 500-WH Withholding Deposit Download
2019 OS-3105 Business Gross Revenue Tax Monthly Return Download
2019 OS-3105a-1 Schedule of Gross Revenue for Gaming Activity Download
2019 OS-3300 Hotel and Bar Tax Return Download
2019 OS-3705 Employers 1/4 Withholding Download

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